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The CoS [05 Nov 2007|10:04am]
LiveJournal is like the Cure of the internet. You can't get away from it. No matter how many girls break your heart to Bloodflowers you can never stop listening.

Oh Robert.
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today is my birthday [24 Jul 2006|12:20am]
i turned twenty five twenty one minutes ago.

i also lost ten pounds last week by not eating.

i'm moving out of my apartment into a new one with my friend.

and lindsay got me a new white belt and a new pair of vans for my birthday.

plus barbie, nick, and bryan got me a bunch of new books i've never read.

i pretty much scored hard this year.

now if someone would just get me the gucci shades i want...

fuck livejournal.
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[20 Jun 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | a little sad ]

So this evening marks the end of yet another weekend I'm not ready to see go.

I listened to the Chemical Brothers a lot this weekend. And I listened to Some Girls even more. And a little bit of Antioch Arrow.

Last night we watched Bring it On Again and it has instantly taken it's place on my Top 1000 list, I just don't know where.

Then I watched S.W.A.T. Congratulations to Colin Farrel. To be able to survive on those good looks alone is one thing, but to actually fool most of the world into thinking your a good actor, well hell, you might just be the best actor of them all. I did like the plot to Phone Booth though.

Then we watched half of Finding Nemo. I'd like to finish that movie sometime soon.

I went to my parent's house today for a Father's Day lunch. Hamburgers. Really good ones. I had to leave very soon after getting there though cause I had to take Beth to work.

Now I'm watching TV alone tonight. Beth had somewhere to be. I don't feel so great tonight. It's really hot in this house and it's not helping my mood much.

I'm going to play my guitar.

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[28 Apr 2004|10:04pm]
my best friend had a baby today.

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people love watching people [02 Jan 2004|01:44pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i dont have a real webpage so i was using villagephotos.com to host my pictures. well theyve decided to kill the image linking so none of my pictures will show up anymore.

anyway, just thought id write that.

it's been a while since ive updated this thing. i think im done with livejournal for now. i dont plan on updating much anymore.

thanks to all the cool people ive met through livejournal.

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bandages for the broken [09 Oct 2003|12:28am]
friends only.

you know the go.
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